This time around, Lunaworks would like to share some tips and business strategies to ensure business continuity during the MCO implementation season. For your information, the topic that we are going to talk about will be focusing more on the optimal use of digital platforms. This is because there is an increasing number of Malaysians who are now utilizing digital platforms, especially in business transactions and communication.

[1] Start an online business

This is one of the most important business strategies during MCO that entrepreneurs should consider. After more than a year of living in the new norms with the unpredicted situation, many of us have become aware of the importance of using digital marketplace platforms to conduct business such as Shopee, Lazada, Grab, Foodpanda, TNG eWallet, and other types of e-hailing.

Business Strategies during MCO

Such platforms are also becoming more advanced as there are many new features that shoppers can use. For example, Shopee provides discount options, voucher coupons, and most recently (at the moment this article is written), there are add-on offers to help merchants give services to their potential buyers.

[2] Use a variety of social media platforms for marketing

Apart from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, TikTok is also gaining ground among Malaysians. Marketing with TikTok can look professional if you do it the right way; you don’t have to dance to promote the products.

Business Strategies during MCO

In addition, Instagram now has Reels that works similar to TikTok, which was recently launched in 2021, this year. On the other hand, Shopee has the Feeds features that allow sellers to interact with the customers, like in Facebook and Instagram pages.

[3] Create Google My Business account 

Generally, everyone knows that Google Search is the most popular search engine in the world. One way to take advantage of Google Search is to register your business with a Google My Business (GMB) account.

Business Strategies during MCO

This is also one of the business strategies during MCO that is very useful. By having this account, and then pairing it with the right SEO techniques, your business name and brand have the high potential to be listed on the first page. There is no such thing as being impossible for you to be in the top search list! As a result, it is easier for your potential customers and existing customers to find about your business later.

[4] Start having a blog website for your own business

Writing content on a blog is evergreen and long-lasting. This is because writing on a blog is more ‘friendly’ with Google, especially when people search on Google with certain keywords.

Writing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques can help our writing on the blog go up to the first page and subsequently become the top ranking in the search listings.

Business Strategies during MCO

For a kickstart, it is sufficient to use a website with a free domain ‒just for you to have a landing page.

[5] Consistent in posting on social media

Find out when is the right time to make a posting on a social media account for our business by taking advantage of the Audience Insight function.

If possible, do it daily and often. With a marketing plan (content planner), filling out content will become easier.

[6] Provide more than one payment gateways to buyers

While planning business strategies during MCO, you should also consider payment gateways. Aside from providing an account number for your customers to make online banking, other popular ways include e-Wallet and Cashback rewards.

[7] Run a marketing campaign 

Email marketing should also be included in your business strategies during MCO since many people recommend it. Well, that’s true! It is found that informing customers about your promotional campaigns through blasting emails is more convenient. Even the WhatsApp app now has enabled us to blast messages simultaneously to many people in a certain way. If the marketing content is planned and written correctly, for sure many people will be more interested in approaching our brand and products.

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