Have you ever heard of the e-Usahawan program organized by MDEC, an agency under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM) before?

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) is a government agency under the supervision of the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia, with the mission of advancing Malaysia’s economy by accelerating digital transformation. 

So, what is the e-Usahawan Program MDEC KKMM?

The e-Usahawan program aims to apply the values and knowledge of digital entrepreneurship to micro, rural, and youth entrepreneurs to generate income, market products, and increase sales through a fast-growing and profitable digital platform.

It is a program sponsored by the government, open for all Malaysians aged 18 and above.

This beneficial program is developed with a syllabus designed together with experts in the industry to meet current and future needs. In fact, the applied modules are also recognized by an international accreditation body, Ofqual United Kingdom.

From January 2016 until December 2020, a total of 408,016 of young and rural entrepreneurs have been trained; and out of this number, a total of 158,340 entrepreneurs have successfully reported additional sales of RM973.4 million ‒ Portal Malaysia.gov.my

Every Malaysian should master the knowledge of digital marketing because online platform is the safest medium to operate business despite having circumstances. Furthermore, the current uncertain global situation has made it difficult for us to meet even if we are only one meter away.

Here is the list of basic skills applied in the e-Usahawan Program MDEC KKMM module:

This also means that the trainers are not randomly picked. Trainers and Master Trainers have specific expertise in their respective fields and need to undergo training as well as pass certain tests in order to be truly qualified to guide the e-Usahawan participants.

To help Malaysian youths and micro-entrepreneurs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to move forward with others, we have to give our best, right?

There are already many social media users on the Internet, but if we want to increase sales without having to move around a lot, our social media accounts and online stores also have to look professional, right?

If you attend this program for the first time, you will start with Tahap 1 (Level 1). e-Usahawan participants who have completed Level 1 will move on to the next level after passing certain criteria set by MDEC.


Let’s register for the e-Usahawan class with Master Trainer, Mrs. Suraya Ali (TB083)!

Profile of Mrs. Suraya Ali

  • Certified Master Trainer eUsahawan by MDEC since 2016
  • One of the Malaysia’s Facebook Lead Trainer
  • Certified Digital Marketing Professional by Digital Marketing Institute Ireland
  • Diploma holder of LRN Level 3 Digital Enterpreneurship
  • Also a Business Coach for VEST and Program PeDAS as well as Digital Small Business Accelerator (DSBA) Programme by MDEC

Among her outstanding achievements related to the e-Usahawan program MDEC are:

Program e-Usahawan MDEC KKMM 1

  • The Most Popular Trainer Social Media (2018)
  • Top Trainer (April) 2020

What do the participants of e-Usahawan program MDEC KKMM say?

Register as the participant of e-Usahawan here https://ezy.la/eusahawan2021 today!

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