“Offering rewards and recognition for agents, stockists, and distributors help to create brand loyalty.”

Firstly, what do you think about agent rewards and recognition? Is it important?

Well, the answer is…

Yes, it is! In fact, giving rewards and recognition helps to increase productivity, motivation, as well as satisfaction and enjoyment of work (Jones, 2019). In other words, rewards and recognition will make them feel appreciated after working really hard to achieve the sales target for your company.

So, if you don’t have any ideas for agent rewards and recognition, don’t worry! We have listed 3 types of appreciation ideas for you.

1. Monetary Rewards
agent rewards and recognition

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There’s a proverb saying that “Money can’t buy happiness.”

Unfortunately, we are now living in an era that money is very important to sustain our life. From buying basic needs, paying bills and utilities, to buying your dream car, everything costs a lot of money. Even owning a smartphone is considered a necessity. Therefore, if we can’t afford to feed our family, how can we be happy?

Hence, why don’t you give monetary rewards to your good agents who perform well in doing the sales? Whether it is in the form of small or big values, it doesn’t matter. Indirectly, you have helped to ease some of their burdens, as well as make them happy. These are 5 examples of monetary rewards:

  • Cash bonus
  • Car bonus
  • Commission
  • Annual cheque
  • Savings fund
2. Non-Monetary Rewards

Sometimes, a company may have a tight budget. Nevertheless, you can still reward your agents by providing non-monetary rewards. For instance, rewarding them with trophies for “Best Performance Awards 2021” will make them feel appreciated.

agent rewards and recognition

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As a result, it helps to enhance employee engagement, loyalty, and job performance. Examples of non-monetary rewards are:

  • Gold
  • Discount voucher
  • Travel sponsorship
  • Education sponsorship
  • Trophy, pin, gift
3. Public Recognition

In addition, public recognition is also another idea to acknowledge your agents’ performances. For example, celebrating their performances by having an annual dinner. Agent rewards and recognition does not necessarily mean giving money. Building a good relationship with them is the most important thing. For example:

  • Prestigious awards ceremony on stage
  • Gala dinner
agent rewards and recognition

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To sum up, regardless of any rewards that you give to your agents, most importantly is that you always appreciate their efforts in working. This special class also provides you with more info about agent rewards and recognition.

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